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Any Heck for the Canon SX740 HS

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Any Heck for the Canon SX740 HS
« on: 01 / November / 2020, 23:47:42 »
I owned many Powershots and still actively using SX110, S95, SX50HS and a DSLR. I have just purchased a Canon SX740HS for compact travel with 40X Optical zoom and day-to-day snapshots. I am extremely disappointed with its image quality. My 9 megapixel SX110 produces much sharper pictures than the SX740. Unfortunately, I have SX740 for more than 14 days and cannot return it. For a 21 megapixels camera, whether it took pictures at L, M or S, the quality is the same, that it products pictures at 72 dpi. The L mode is just a larger physical print version of the M, or S.  My old SX110 (no raw capability) records picture at 160 dpi and thus produces much sharper pictures than the SX740HS.  I also compared the SX740HS pictures with pictures taken by SX50HS taken at the same speed, same ISO and same F-stop setting.
I would like to know if the CHDK program will allow me to improve the resolution (160 DPI) when it is released. Will the heck allows me to take pictures in RAW or jpg with higher than the factory default.   I like the camera features in the SX740 a lot but the images are way below my expectation of a Canon camera. Your knowledge and insight are greatly appreciated.
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Re: Any Heck for the Canon SX740 HS
« Reply #1 on: 02 / November / 2020, 00:13:45 »
There has been some work on digic 8 in the magic lantern forum. AFAIK nothing for end users yest, but if someone gets something working, it will probably be there
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