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G7X battery 4th terminal for communication

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Re: G7X battery 4th terminal for communication
« Reply #10 on: 02 / May / 2021, 16:56:40 »
The Ghidra scripts have been pretty helpful thanks, I've been updating from SVN and running new ones as they appear except for the MZRM ones which I still need to generate the handler list for first if I need to look into the Zico core which I guess is just for the GPU so probably not at this stage.
Yes, it's just for the GPU, and most of Zico functions are not used (It seems Canon has a standard library for Zico, but the cameras only use a small part of it).

CreateController hooks below in case they are helpful to anyone else (addresses correct for g7x2 110b)
Thanks for posting the code.

I also came across some strings just now in the firmware starting with N5fluid, any idea what that might refer to? Such as "N5fluid12Battery_baseE" and "N5fluid16FL_TimerReceiverE"
I hadn't noticed that one before. It seems to be new in digic 7. From the strings, N5fluid looks like some kind of user interface / widget library, but what parts of UI it handles and how it differs from the earlier cams isn't obvious to me. N5fluid14FJedi* probably has some connection to the GPU, is "Jedi" appears there too.

There are also a few references to "FLUiD" like "FLUiDMan_Start" which suggest some kind of subsystem.
Don't forget what the H stands for.


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