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Demosaicing Artifacts in CHDK RAW files from my A570IS produced by Lightroom

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Currently I am using Lightroom to process the DNG files produced by DNG4PS-2 from the RAW files produced by CHDK on my Canon A570IS. 

My problem is that I get bad demosaicing artifacts in these files.  I have tried RAW Therapie and using the VNG-4 demosaicing method eliminates these artifacts.  The other methods in RAW therapie also produce these artifacts, so I am pretty sure this is where the problem is. 

My problem is that I really like Lightroom (RAW therapie is just way to slow to process changes) except for this one demosaicing probem.

Is there anyway I can have my cake and eat it to?  Can I use the VNG-4 algorithm to demosaic my files but still use the other functions of lightroom?  If I save a file in RAW therapie after demosaicing occurs, my only choice is a 16-bit TIFF file which loses a lot of the benefits of RAW if I then process this further in Lightroom.


Hey mcm,

I have a A570IS as well but I haven't been able to find software to correctly a) read the CRW files and b) convert the CRW files into working DNG files.  This is all being done on my mac and I've tried countless options...automator actions, PS CS3, Lightroom, random software - you name it.

However, when I took the CRW files to XP, I was able to use that DNG4PS-2 software and it converted it without any problems to DNG files.  I was then able to take those files back over to my mac and work with them in Photoshop.

I'm not sure if you work on PC or MAC but do you or anybody know if there is working mac software to successfully convert the CRW files into DNG files?  It would very much save the hassle of switching between XP and MAC everytime >.<

With regards to your question;  I haven't processed DNG files on lightroom so I haven't experienced the issues you're facing.  Do artifacts always appear in the DNG files and it is simply lightroom that can't seem to remove it?  Not sure how to resolve this one.



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