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moving timelapse at NASA

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moving timelapse at NASA
« on: 20 / May / 2008, 01:13:08 »
A timelapse I shot with a motorized tripod *(The Snailpod) I built, using an intervelometer script, on ae.

This was at Nasa's Ames Research Center, celebrating the first person in space. April 2008. Roughly 1fp5s. shot in 1600x1024; Flash doesn't do well with high res, so I bumped this down to 1024x768. It will still get jerky though...(Anyone know of a good flash timelapse player? I want variable speed control.)

I love CHDK so much! This would have been a major pain to put together without it. Not to mention airport security wouldn't let me fly from Ny to SF with sealed lead acid batteries (even checked!).


Re: moving timelapse at NASA
« Reply #1 on: 20 / May / 2008, 02:57:22 »
You could try deshaker for virtualdub to get you image sequence much more steady.


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Re: moving timelapse at NASA
« Reply #2 on: 26 / May / 2008, 08:30:23 »
Deshaker is good.
Also, a friend of mine shot a similar timelapse at the Vienna airport. He used a luggage trolley, but a shopping cart/trolley could perform similar to avoid jerky movements and up-down motion.


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Re: moving timelapse at NASA
« Reply #3 on: 10 / June / 2008, 04:54:38 »
Wow that's really cool, what was going on there at night? It looked like some NASA rave party with many many DJ booths & laser shows.


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