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Setting Av Overrides - AllBest

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Setting Av Overrides - AllBest
« on: 14 / December / 2007, 10:18:47 »
I hope this is the appropriate place for this as it seems to be related to the build in particular rather than scripting in general.

I'm having a problem with scripting Av overrides in the AllBest build.  (Using A570 IS)
If I set the Av overides in the menu they work fine, however, I can't seem to get the script to set anything higher than 8.0 under the same parameters.
I've tried using:

for an Av of 11 (setting should be 672) but it keeps taking the shots at Av 8 (576).
set_tv96_direct works for shutter speed so I would've expected set_av96_direct to work for aperture.

What am I missing?


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