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CHDK for longtime timelapse

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Re: CHDK for longtime timelapse
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If the camera is in AV mode, what you have now should be mostly OK, but it could be off if the -av or -sv value is different from the Canon UI settings. The USER_AV in my example controls the manual AV setting, which is used if the camera is in M or AV. If you set this, it will be used for the Canon exposure calculation in AV mode. The regular AV override is the final value actually used in the shot. If you set it, the canon firmware isn't aware of it when it does the exposure calculation.

sv is similar, but it has more complication. If you want to use one of the normal ISO settings available in the Canon UI (like 80, 100 etc) using -isomode will have less chance of tripping you up.

Thanks for the -isomode tip. Now I understand the difference between sv, svm and isomode. ;)

Some information on scripting chdkptp is

Thanks. I found set_lcd_display and other userful comands.  8)
I will write a myfile.chdkptp the next days. I do prefer configuration files.

Now the code is like this and it works quite well.
Code: [Select]
chdkptp -c -e"clock -sync" -e"luar set_lcd_display(0)" -e"rs $downloadCamera -av=4.0 -isomode=80 -shots=600 -int=15 -sdmode=MF -sd=1495mm"

I think I will run the camera for some time and see how it performs.
Have "discovered" the Canon G1X.... "discovered" it. I think it will be the successor when my current camera dies. CHDK seems to work well with the G1X and it seems to be very popular on the forum.... still not a ML camera with no moving mechanical parts, but maybe good enough.


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