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IXY 2000IS

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IXY 2000IS
« on: 02 / May / 2008, 03:10:10 »
First of all, I'm sorry for my poor English skill.
But I'm eager to make my IXY 2000IS available to save RAW format.

I can't find IXY 2000IS or the same model having other model name except in canon.jp. So, I guess that IXY 2000IS is sold only in Japan.

I tried all released CHDK firmwares with my IXY 2000IS. However I couldn't succeed to see 'firmware update...' menu.
Then I tried to dump the original firmware of IXY 2000IS and managed to get about 4MB data beginning with 'gaonisoyP' string.
Did I succeed to dump the firmware?
If so, please add IXY 2000IS to the supported list of CHDK :'(
Because I'm not familiar with arm architecture, I can't disassemble and understand.

Dump I got is here.


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Re: IXY 2000IS
« Reply #1 on: 02 / May / 2008, 03:41:13 »
IXY 2000 = SD 950 = IXUS 960
We already have 1.00D firmware dump for them. Anyway, thanks.
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Re: IXY 2000IS
« Reply #2 on: 02 / May / 2008, 03:56:38 »
Oh, I'm not aware that IXUS 960 equals to IXY 2000.
I'm looking forward to adding IXUS 960 to the supported list of CHDK.


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