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Properties chart and ubasic version

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Properties chart and ubasic version
« on: 20 / May / 2008, 17:54:15 »
Hi all,
I'm going to develop some new script for my new a650is and to adapt some useful scritpt to it.

Is it available a chart with the values of the properties to set and to get for variuos camera models? I've read about different values for different camera models. Is it true? Is it safe to set a property to a value without knowledge?

I've realized too that ubasic is evolving trought  various branches and new versions with a new syntax that replaces some commands or instructions (fingalo, allbest, ecc). Is it true? Is there  a document describing the differences between these various dialects and some hints about tricks to convert a script from a ubasic version to another?. I've found various script for digic II but my camera is digicIII (dryos).

I find that is very hard to edit scripts and to upload them to camera. Do you think it will be possible to get a text editor (based on T9 or any other kind of type-accelerator) inside CHDK?

thanks in advance

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Re: Properties chart and ubasic version
« Reply #1 on: 20 / May / 2008, 18:06:45 »
Information around here is a bit dispersed :-)

Generally speaking property cases are just different between Digic II cameras and Digic III cameras.

See this page PropertyCase - CHDK Wiki (Under Digic III)
for a (partial) list of properties.
Other properties are being discovered continuously by different coders on different models, and they are not always udated on the Wiki

For a list of uBasic commands in allBest build, see here:
CHDK firmware usage/AllBest - CHDK Wiki

For some help in syntax, download the sources: in trunk/script there are several examples of .bas programs.

As per the on-camera editor, I think someone started working on that but then never finished. it.

See also here:
File/script editor


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