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Is the shark apex uplight lift-away duoclean a perfect vacuum for parents with toddlers?

Parenting is hard, and so does keeping the house in shape. When these tasks combine, parents face a very challenging problem. That problem requires a smart solution: a cleaning device that can take care of children's messes. Today, we’ll take a look at the Shark apex uplight corded lift away duoclean to see if it fits for parents with toddlers or not.

1. Dealing with various debris

Toddlers can create more mess than you could imagine. They can spill cereal, snacks, candies… or break things in their reach and leave a whole mess on the floors. Unfortunately, we can’t tell them not to do it since they haven’t got full awareness. That’s why we need a vacuum that can collect all kinds of debris, no matter big or small. And the shark apex uplight does that excellently. This vacuum cleaner can easily sweep everything up with the DuoClean technology, from chunky cereal to a fine powder.

2. Good on both bare floor and carpet

When having kids at home, parents usually have rugs or carpets on the floor so that the kids have a soft and safe playground inside. But what would happen if these little angels made a mess on the carpet? Cleaning carpets is not easy. That’s why you need a vacuum as strong as the shark apex uplight duoclean for this job. The shark uplight received a lot of positive feedback about cleaning bare floors, but people are impressed with how well it can do on carpets. Having this shark vacuum around the house, and you’ll have nothing to worry about leaving your toddlers on the carpet.

3. Cover all-terrace

As you can guess by the name of the shark apex uplight corded lift away, this vacuum can transform into a handheld version to clean above-floor areas. Many parents think cleaning the floors is enough. But the truth is you need to keep everything free from dust and germ. Imagine your child playing hide and seek and use the curtain for cover. Unless you want to tire yourself out by doing laundry all the time, using the Shark apex uplight is a more reasonable choice to clean the curtain and similar stuff.

4. Safe for children

I’m not saying the shark apex uplight vacuum is safe for children to use. In this section, I want to mention a very cool feature of this vacuum cleaner. As you know, regular stick vacuums can’t stand on their own. You have to place them against the wall or furniture if you have to pause cleaning for a moment. In this situation, toddlers who like running the house can accidentally bump into the unstable vacuum and knock them off. It would be dangerous if the machine lost balance and fell on the kids. But for the shark apex uplight, the standing system will create a structure that can keep the machine stable on the floor without any fulcrum. Just put the vacuum in the upright position, and the legs will stick out. This form is pretty stable, and a toddler's strength could never knock it off.

I believe the Shark apex uplight duoclean excellently passed the vacuum for parent test with these four pros. How about you? Do you think this vacuum cleaner can help you deal with taking care of your baby and taking care of the house simultaneously? If you do, it’s time you should get this amazing vacuum cleaner for your household.
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Don't forget what the H stands for.


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