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IRC, discord etc

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IRC, discord etc
« on: 01 / August / 2021, 00:56:57 »
edit: As of August 2021, the official #chdk channel is on

A few months back there was some drama on freenode.

The tl;dr is that someone who was previously marginally involved with freenode took over the network (based on some obscure if not shady grounds) and many of the original staff left.

I thought about moving the CHDK channel at the time, but given the low traffic and the fact the channel still worked and was available through the web interface, it didn't really seem worth the effort.

It appears that freenode now requires creating an account even to use the web client (it's possible this depends on IP, but if so, it applies to some large consumer ISPs). This seems excessive for casual users who just want to ask a question.

Given all this, I'm inclined to move the "official" CHDK presence somewhere else.

Options include - The people who left freenode - seems to be popular with other open source projects

If we move to one of these, I'd be inclined to officially register the project so people known to the community can have operator rights.

We could also chose to use another service, such as discord. Personally, my preference is IRC. I don't need the bells and whistles, and have no desire to run a proprietary IM client for something that might have one conversation per week.
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Re: IRC, discord etc
« Reply #1 on: 01 / August / 2021, 10:04:24 »
Having hung out in the current CHDK IRC channel on and off for years now, I'm familiar with the usage pattern.  I'd characterize it as an extension of this forum where you can have a faster back and forth discussion (mostly with @reyalp). However anything significant discussed is quickly lost so it's not a good place to store and search for information.

So this might really comes down to what @reyalp prefers. I don't see any advantage to Slack or Discord unless there is a need for video / audio communications and the willingness to use them?   Take a look at the Facebook CHDK page and group, the Instagram Facebook page, etc for examples of how little interest there is for an alternate social media CHDK option. I doubt Discord or Slack will change that.

tl;dr : another IRC network works for me

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Re: IRC, discord etc
« Reply #2 on: 01 / August / 2021, 18:07:43 »
I don't use it often; but I would vote for staying on IRC.
No preference on which network to use.

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Re: IRC, discord etc
« Reply #3 on: 07 / August / 2021, 13:11:30 »
#chdk now exists on liberachat and has a few users in it. Looks like @olspookishmagus may have created it sometime back. I'll idle there and update the wiki to refer to that.

I have not attempted to register CHDK as a project yet.
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