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a640 ptp live view test

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a640 ptp live view test
« on: 20 / August / 2021, 01:45:28 »
A user in IRC reported various issues with PTP live view (palette incorrect, wrong dimensions in video mode) on a640, because most of the live view related functions were not implemented.

Here's a test build. It should correct the UI palette, and the live view dimensions in movie mode, when digital zoom is active, and possibly in stitch mode.

Fun fact, this port appears to be so old it doesn't have a porting thread in this forum.

edit 8/20/2021:
Updated test build, vid_get_viewport_height_proper was not correct in the previous one.

checked in, trunk 6014, stable 6015
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Re: a640 ptp live view test
« Reply #1 on: 25 / August / 2021, 14:52:28 »
First day with A sixhundredFIFty.  :haha
Newbie question: How to switch to scriptmode without ptp?
Edit: Found the <print> key, looks like <Video> button.  :D

Code: [Select]
exec require'camtests'.runbatch{bench=true,filexfer=true,shoot=true,xfersizebugs=true}
returns 26/0, but the testshots have 0kb size... :-[
Edit3: The last picture, CRW_XXXX.DNG + *.jpg has correct size, the others are shuttersound only.
(Because of remoteshoot -jpg -filedummy camtest/ ?)

Edit2: Mouseclicking <rec> opens lens, liveview & cam remains in <play>.
Any other button displays shortly Default Script <ALT>, reacts related to <play>.
Using cam-switch to <rec> breaks connection.

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