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CHDK for longtime timelapse

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Re: CHDK for longtime timelapse
« Reply #100 on: Yesterday at 16:20:41 »
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Re: CHDK for longtime timelapse
« Reply #101 on: Yesterday at 23:46:16 »
This is a short feedback on my last long term test:  :)
Thanks for the report. Even if we don't solve the problem now, sometimes having bits on the forum helps things click at some later point.

The camera crashed on 11/14/2021, 11/16/2021, 11/21/2021, I will attach the log file and crash report and chhdkptp file for these 3 crashes, but from previous experience I have little hope that we will get any new valuable information as to why they happened.
11/14 and 11/16 are the "MotionVector.c Line 338" crash we've seen before. 11/14 appears to be triggered in "luar set_ev(-96)" or possibly between that and the preceding command. 11/16 appears to be in remoteshoot. No real progress, though notable it doesn't appear tied to any specific CHDK call.

11/21 is different.
Code: [Select]
ASSERT!! AFScanDriver.c Line 1445
Task name: AFTask

This looks like crash we've seen before:
The elph180 function mentioned in that post appears identical to the G1X function in the romlog.

Skimming back over those threads, the tl;dr seems to be:
1) Ensure "Continuous AF" is disabled in the Canon menu.
2) If #1 is already off or doesn't fix it, add more sleep after click'shoot_half'

While you're checking the AF setting, I'd also make sure Servo AF is off, although I don't know that it's directly implicated in this crash.

Also note that for Canon menu settings to be saved for future reboots, you should shut the camera down properly (with the physical power button or post_levent_to_ui("PressPowerButton")), and then restart it with your servo :)
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