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CHDK version 1.4.1

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CHDK version 1.4.1
« on: 07 / March / 2022, 22:22:49 »
How To Properly Disassemble An O Cedar Spin Mop For Cleaning

Out of many tools available to make floor cleaning easier, the O-Cedar Spin Mop is one of the most useful. It’s a great option for deep cleaning hard-to-reach areas, but in order to get the most out of it you need to know how to disassemble it properly.

Cleaning is an essential part of keeping your home and other surfaces clean. Traditional mops are often too bulky or difficult to maneuver in tight spaces, making them ineffective for deep cleaning. And while spin mops offer an easier solution, they must be properly disassembled before use - something that many people don't know how to do. In this guide we will discuss five steps on how to disassemble an O Cedar Spin Mop so that you can keep your mop working efficiently and effectively.

Useful link: All You Need To Know About How To Remove O Cedar Mop Head: A Guide

Unscrew the Retention Plate

The first step to disassembling an O Cedar Spin Mop is to unscrew the retention plate that holds the mop head in place. This can be done by using a flathead screwdriver and turning it counterclockwise until the plate comes off. Be sure to keep a firm grip on the head and handle of the mop for support during this process.

Remove the Mop Head

The second step is to remove the mop head from the handle. This can be done by gripping the handle firmly, then pulling upward and twisting it slightly in order to loosen the mop head. Once it is loosened, the mop head can be pulled off of the handle. To learn more clearly how to remove o cedar mop head, detailed guides by TheKingLive will be very resourceful for your search.

Disassemble the Handle

The third step is to disassemble the handle. This can be done by using a flathead screwdriver to unscrew the two screws that hold it in place. Once these screws are removed, the handle can be pulled apart to reveal the internal components.

Remove Internal Components

The fourth step is to remove the internal components of the O Cedar Spin Mop. This can be done by gently pulling them out from their casing one by one. Be sure to take note of where each piece goes when removing them so that they can be put back in the correct order.

Reassemble the Handle

The fifth and final step is to reassemble the handle of the O Cedar Spin Mop. This can be done by placing the internal components back into their casing, then screwing in the two screws that hold the handle together. Once this is done the mop can be ready to use again.

With this quick guide of five simple steps, you now know how to properly disassemble an O Cedar Spin Mop for cleaning! This knowledge will make it easier for you to get into hard-to-reach places and remove dirt quickly with your spin mop. Keep your mop working efficiently and effectively by following these steps every time you need to clean it!
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Re: CHDK version 1.4.1
« Reply #1 on: 08 / March / 2022, 02:55:56 »
I am learning about CHDK version 1.4.1
Actually, I have not been able to download it even though I have researched a lot. Anyone know where and how simple I should download it?
Thanks in advance!!!
The current stable version is 1.5.1. See

If you really need 1.4.1 for some reason, there are archive links at the bottom of that page.
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