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SD430 (IXUS wireless) porting request for research.

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SD430 (IXUS wireless) porting request for research.
« on: 30 / April / 2008, 15:34:11 »
I am a graduate student researcher at the University of Chicago looking to use the ultra intervalometer script with CHDK on our SD430 wireless cameras to take time lapse photography of plants growing in differential environmental conditions in growth chambers.  We are looking to evaluate dynamic phenotypic changes in response to varying environments throughout the world, looking at intraspecies variation and adaptive radiation in response to stress.  We would like to use the SD430's along with EyeFi memory cards to take pictures over the life cycle of the plants and quantify various aspects of their development using image analysis in Matlab.  I am a geneticist, however, and not sure how to effectively port preexisting firmware over to the SD430.  If any of you developers could do so, it'd be greatly appreciated in setting up this technological infrastructure, as we currently have four SD430's and it's cumbersome to run them individually off of separate computers using the remote shooting function, because Canon software's script prevents users from running more than one wireless camera with one computer.

Ronald J. Hause, Jr.
Prospective Ph.D. Candidate
Borevitz Lab, Erman 305
Committee on Genetics, Genomics and Systems Biology
The University of Chicago
1101 E. 57th St.
Chicago, IL 60637


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Re: SD430 (IXUS wireless) porting request for research.
« Reply #1 on: 30 / April / 2008, 15:43:52 »
someone already started porting chdk to your camera: SD430 (ixus wireless) porting. however progress is unknown, he is the only one. i'd write him in PM for an update on his progress, maybe you can betatest some things.

Re: SD430 (IXUS wireless) porting request for research.
« Reply #2 on: 22 / May / 2008, 11:20:53 »
It appears that Zandis, the person who was working on porting CHDK to the SD430, is no longer active on the website and his/her progress is unknown.  Although I'm not sure how difficult or laborious porting is, but I'd like to plea for a developer to work on porting this if they have the time.  Please read my first post for details on our research project.  Acknowledgment in our publication will be given.


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