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Help us get CHDK 1.6 ready for release

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Help us get CHDK 1.6 ready for release
« on: 06 / October / 2022, 02:06:48 »
Update: CHDK 1.6 was released on October 12, 2022. It is available form the international and CHDK-DE autobuilds. Use the release thread for bug reports.

CHDK 1.6 is almost ready for release. Before we officially retire 1.5, we're asking all interested users to help test. The 1.6 builds should generally be good enough for everyday use.

What's new
Not a lot. This release is mostly to allow the ximr branch to become the new trunk.

But see for an overview of signification changes. See also the 1.6 development planning thread

Where to get it
Use stick or CHIMP or  choose 1.6 development version, or download from Unstable section of the download page

If downloading / updating manually, be sure to download the "complete" package.

If there's anything you wouldn't want to lose on the card you are installing it on (scripts, existing CHDK install or CFG files, precious cat photos), backing up is a good idea.

  • CHDK 1.5 scripts should be compatible. CHDK 1.6 adds additional functions, but does not significantly change behavior of existing functions. If @chdk_version is not specified in the script header, a warning is displayed and CHDK 1.3 compatible behavior is used.
  • CFG files: CHDK 1.6 uses the same CFG files as 1.5. It should generally be compatible and retain your settings, but if you don't want to risk re-doing your CFG, backing up the CHDK/*.CFG files before updating is recommended. CFGs back to 1.2 should also probably work.
  • Modules, language files and Lua libraries are NOT compatible. You must update these when you update your build, meaning use the "full" download.

Things you can do to help

Reporting bugs
Post in this thread, or in the development thread for the particular feature if it's obvious.

If the camera crashes (shuts down unexpectedly) please get a romlog as described on and post it as an attachment.

Note: If a post looks like it will lead to a lot of back and forth, I will probably split it to a new thread. This doesn't mean you did anything wrong :)

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