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Mac OS and CHDK in 2022

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Mac OS and CHDK in 2022
« on: 08 / November / 2022, 18:27:46 »
I've been buying old Canon Powershots from 2007 and loving shooting with them and want to add RAW with CHDK. I spent hours trying to use the STICK and CHIMP apps but the newest Apple OS 12.2.1 absolutely will not communicate with them. I even pulled out old laptops going back to Mountain Lion and still couldn't get any of the apps to communicate. Does anyone have a suggestion of how I can add CHDK via the SD card without using one of these old apps?


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Re: Mac OS and CHDK in 2022
« Reply #1 on: 08 / November / 2022, 20:54:02 »
Read this first:Mac:Still having trouble
If not working,then try this:ACID,a java program,should work on all java-supported platform
If camera still not working,see this answer:FAQ:Q:How can I get the original firmware version number of my camera and follow it to get your firmware version,then find the CHDK fitting your camera,and read this installation instruction(CHDK Installation Guide) to install CHDK without a app.
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Canon PowerShot ELPH 180 (IXUS 175).
(Seems most of you are older than me.... Anyone teen? )


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