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What is the "best" canera for this?

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What is the "best" canera for this?
« on: 24 / May / 2008, 14:05:33 »
is there some canons which are better than others at this than others? i want to go buy one now so I am making sure I get the best option! Also which ones have the best battery life, I guess this drains the batteries bad, I suppose the smaller the cam and screen the better right?

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Re: What is the "best" canera for this?
« Reply #1 on: 24 / May / 2008, 14:13:56 »
Read here about battery consumption: Camera Power Consumption - CHDK Wiki

If battery life concerns you more than weight, consider a model that uses 4 penlights vs. 2 or a LiIon.

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