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Help - Installing CHDK on SX200IS

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Help - Installing CHDK on SX200IS
« on: 30 / November / 2022, 22:59:58 »
Hi all,

I've downloaded STICK to install CHDK on my SX200. I'm using a 32gb memory card so STICK is requiring me to split the SD card into 2 partitions. I get this message:

Drive E: 32GB
    writable with two partitions
    not bootable
    Partition  1: PHOTOS
    Partition  2:

I install, which it then asks me to eject and insert the card again. However, it doesn't let me know that it completes successfully. I lock the SD card and it does not load up when I put it in the camera.  :o

Appreciate any advice/help

Re: Help - Installing CHDK on SX200IS
« Reply #1 on: 30 / November / 2022, 23:09:06 »

Turns out I just need to keep inserting/ejecting the card, letting the files copy to whichever partition, and then finishing. Feels good! I would delete thread but not sure how  :lol


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