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'StereoData Maker' v.1.70 Released

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'StereoData Maker' v.1.70 Released
« on: 25 / May / 2008, 05:37:23 »
SDM 1.70 provides the following new features :-

Support for G7 100e, ixus70 100c, ixus700 101b (no USB remote) and ixus800 100b.
Use of memory cards larger than 4GB on certain cameras, including the TX1 (ewavr)
Synchronised zooming (including TX1) using the ordinary or Ricoh USB-remote switches.
Stop/Start video recording on TX1 and 'S' series cameras using remote switch without scripts.
Optical zoom in video mode and muting of the sound when zooming 'A' series cameras (ewavr)
In playback mode, synchronously browse images using remote switch (and possibly display on external TFT monitors).
Outline mode to aid cha-cha single stereo,macro, studio shots, seasonal images, 'onion-skinning' for stop-motion animation etc. (Jon Harman)
Anaglyph display of image-pairs in playback mode on most cameras.(Jon Harman)
Full range of Tv overrides from 65 sec to 1/40,000 sec at 1/3 EV intervals.
Custom-timer auto-bracketing for HDR started by  a single switch-action.
'Sports' mode continuous synchronised shooting.
Continuous-shooting bracketing mode up to 19 images maximum.

Be sure to read the updated information on the website, at least the 'Getting started' section.


Re: 'StereoData Maker' v.1.70 Released
« Reply #1 on: 04 / June / 2008, 11:18:38 »
SDM 1.7:
camera focusses, flashes, and crashes. Switching to view mode doesn't do anything, and I can't even turn off the camera! :(
Only when I open the battery lid the camera turns off and I can use it again...

Checking the 1.70 code, a single line that enables precision synch shooting has been commented-out  ;)

Send me a message with a suitable email address and I will send a fixed version.



Re: 'StereoData Maker' v.1.70 Released
« Reply #2 on: 05 / June / 2008, 03:20:41 »
Sorry, my bad. I forgot to delete the CHDK.CFG file. After I deleted that it worked just fine! :)


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