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Unable to boot CHDK on

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Unable to boot CHDK on
« on: 30 / April / 2023, 16:01:05 »
So I've spent a few hours getting the files loaded onto a 2GB SD Card. I used the STICK app, and I'm on a Mac. I never was able to find a way to partition the card, but it is in Fat16 now. I used the PLAY button to turn on the camera. I just get the 'No Image' screen.
The only thing I can tell may be the issue is the disk is not 'bootable'. I tried the software, SDMInsta app to help with that but it's not operable for me.
I've exhausted my efforts to get CHDK on the camera. I hope someone can help with where I may take this further.

Re: Unable to boot CHDK on
« Reply #1 on: 30 / April / 2023, 16:20:59 »
After posting this, I saw suggested related posts. There was one that read where to go to load the firmware. Now I'm able to get the RAW DNG files.


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