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does anybody use the usb remote nowadays?

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does anybody use the usb remote nowadays?
« on: 12 / September / 2023, 03:17:01 »
last year i did a lot of tries with chdkptp, but since the cams lock up communications after a few thousand shots, resulting to 2 reboots a day for me. i binned the idea as being to unstable for long term use.

thought about remote capture, but couldn't figure out if one of my cams could do that.
and since i'm already struggling with the amount of data my set of S110 gives i was a bit reluctant to change that to a pair of M3 or G7x.
although i would still like to give that a go, i went another path for now.

as a result, since this year i changed my long running time-lapse setup to usb remote shoot as a way to synchronize 2 cams.
while this setup i made has its own quirks, i am by now fairly content with how it works.

and i was just wondering, are there more people who use remote shoot and in what way?

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