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Display an image

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Display an image
« on: 22 / September / 2008, 15:35:39 »
It would be usefull for a lot of applications to make it possible to display a full color image (not an overlay image) on a viewport when a designated button is clicked in either REC or PLAY mode. This could be an image  previously saved in a viewport format. Right now, on SD1000 I was able display the image only once after I switch from REC to PLAY mode. When I click on MENU button, I can repeat it. I believe that viewport buffer changes when you scroll through the saved images, and when you click on MENU button or switch from REC to PLAY the viewport buffer is restored to the initial buffer. Anyone trying to solve similar problem?

Re: Display an image
« Reply #1 on: 02 / October / 2008, 10:23:36 »

See this thread:
two viewports on the A570is

There are two buffers for the viewport image on the a570.  Only one is displayed at a time.  The Canon code switches between the two.  So far I haven't been able to figure out a way to determine which buffer is being shown.  Hopefully there is a variable somewhere that determines this. I hope one of the geniuses of CHDK will find it.

To be sure of displaying your image just write it to both.

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Re: Display an image
« Reply #2 on: 02 / October / 2008, 12:37:28 »
Does this by any chance have anything to do with the display buffer switching that was investigated for MD speedups (I guess not since were three buffers if my memory serves...)?


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