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Any Camera Connect reverse engineering?

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Any Camera Connect reverse engineering?
« on: 19 / November / 2023, 13:34:21 »
Hello everyone

I am working at a universal macro slider. It uses an ESP32 with a nice slider and stepper controller I got from Ali express.
I wrote a web configuration interface that can be accessed from a phone or computer. You can set the number of steps, delays, etc. And it can also communicate with the device that's on it via BT or IR. Right now it supports any phone camera (it sends the shutter key via BT) and Canon cameras via IR. I plan to add some other cameras that use IR on the list (which should be easy). And I would like to add a wifi remote trigger option too (and support as many cameras as possible). I know that newer Canon cameras have a standard API (which I didn't check yet because I don't have a camera that supports it). Older cameras with wifi use the Camera Connect app to enable remote shutter and other things that I don't need. I looked online and couldn't find any info, so I was wondering if someone here managed to find out how to do remote shutter via wifi on cameras not supporting the newer CCAPI.

Also, if anyone is interested in my project, please ask.


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