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Turning off LCD, setting continuous mode, etc.?

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Turning off LCD, setting continuous mode, etc.?
« on: 10 / September / 2008, 12:31:07 »
Hi all... relatively new SD870IS owner and happy CHDK user.  :)  I started looking into writing my own scripts this morning, and came up against a couple of roadblocks.  I don't think what I want is possible (according to the scripting tutorials), but I figure I'd ask here in case the Wiki info is incomplete.

I would like to set several shooting modes before the main body of the script kicks in.  I am able to set the JPEG quality and JPEG size, but that's about it.  Is it possible to:

  • enable continuous shooting mode
  • disable the LCD while shooting in continuous mode
  • disable shot review mode
  • disable raw recording in CHDK

I've looked through the set_prop listing for DIGIC III's, and some of the above are listed as read-only.  Is there another way to set those modes, or perhaps some properties unique to the SD870 IS?  I thought about mimicking the button presses, but the sequence would depend on what mode the camera started in.  Maybe do a bunch of get_props, then branch to the appropriate button press sequence?  Icky.  :-X

My camera is usually in single-shot raw mode with shot review enabled.  It would be great if the script could fiddle with those parameters for me, then set them back to the way they were once the script is done.  So far, I'm only able to do that with the JPEG quality/size settings.

Thanks for any advice!


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