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S5 remote problems

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S5 remote problems
« on: 01 / June / 2008, 14:25:16 »
I couldn't get my S5 to work with the remote I built until I added a third cell to increase the voltage to 4.5v.

I noticed get_usb_power was returning 1 when connected to the usb on a computer that was at 4.5V but
always returning 0 when 3V.

Nor could I get the is_key "remote" to work even after increasing the voltage and ended up using x=get_usb_power
and came up with the following script:

@title usbpwRemote
rem works for S5 if
rem voltage 4.5V
while 1
  if x<>0 then shoot


I stumbled on to this site (chdk) while I was looking for help when my S1 IS died.
Canon replaced the S1 with a reburbished S5, no charge.

But I missed the S1's remote and time lapse and so I'm in awe of the stuff available at chdk
and would like to thank everyone responsible.


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