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Creative Uses of CHDK

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Creative Uses of CHDK
« on: 29 / May / 2008, 18:32:59 »
First of all - Rule no. 1:

"Be yourself. Go wild. You're the boss - be creative!".

This forum is about your results that are achieved through the use of CHDK. Be it a fancy timelapse, a nice HDR or a highspeed waterdrop shot at ultra-tele-macro.
Please provide information about (if possible, summarize main info in the thread's subject!)

- in what way did you benefit from CHDK for that special shot/movie?
- what settings did you use?
- what camera
- "Normal" information like when, where, how, who etc

Other than that, have fun!

Maybe you also find out new ways to use CHDK? Or new ways to do photography? who knows. pimp your camera!
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