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Built-in OSD disappears when shooting

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Built-in OSD disappears when shooting
« on: 31 / May / 2008, 11:36:15 »
I just started trying CHDK and I'm really impressed with what the community has put together.

I'm having a problem with the OSD though. When I half-press the shutter, the aperature, shutter speed, iso etc flashes by to be replaced by the OSD belongning to CHDK. This mean grid lines and focus areas aren't visible either. What have I done wrong to get to this point?

I'm using a SD870.

Another basic question: Is it possible to start-up into record mode instead of review mode? Sometimes that extra second is critical to get the shot before the moment is over.

EDIT: Noticed that these are unresolved issues with the SD870 version.
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