S5IS script "set_focus" minimum step in focal length?

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S5IS script "set_focus" minimum step in focal length?
« on: 01 / June / 2008, 09:16:53 »
Hi there, first time poster :)

Fantastic stuff this CHDK, kudos to all developers!!

I'm looking at using my S5 to macro photograph small mineral specimens (arguably one of the hardest things to photograph).  Does anyone know what the minimum stepping distance is for manually setting the focal length of the S5 via a script?

For example, say the current focal distance (via a "get_focus" command) is 50mm, what is the minimum distance at which this can be increased or decreased via the "set_focus" command?  Is it 51 or 49 mm, or can it be less than 1mm increments?



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