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USB Remote shutter-Allbest build

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USB Remote shutter-Allbest build
« on: 30 / May / 2008, 19:01:56 »
I've switched on the USB Remote.  However, reading the build user guide, I'm not certain that this is for remote trigger.  I'm using a R/C device to perform the trigger function.  It works fine when in normal camera mode.  Once the CHDK is loaded, the camera does not respond.  A640, BTW.
I'm sure I'm missing something. 
Any assistance is greatly appreciated.
Otherwise, the build is great!

Good day,

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Re: USB Remote shutter-Allbest build
« Reply #1 on: 30 / May / 2008, 19:15:37 »
i do believe when you see the blue bar at the bottom of the screen(i assume this is what you mean when chdk is loaded) then the only thing the shutter trigger does is load whatever script you have loaded.  if you have chdk, then it is actually always running and that blue bar at the bottom (it has words in it but i really can't remember what it actually says) means its in script mode and that mode is only used when you want to run a script.


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Re: USB Remote shutter-Allbest build
« Reply #2 on: 30 / May / 2008, 19:44:38 »
Welcome Mark,

your A640 has working USB remote support, so you have to

- copy remote script in /chdk/scripts on your card (see link at the end of this post)
- start cam, when CHDK is loaded press PRINT, then SET button
- load script from file...
- check "Enable remote (USB)->"
- press MENU
- press Shutter (means: start the script), you'll se the script name in the console
- plug in your a USB cable in your camera & PC

Now your cam should take a pic...

To stop / start the script press the Shutter, to leave ALT mode (for normal camera function) press PRINT.

Here you'll find some informations for a remote switch...pls. read also the manual (link in my signature).

Re: USB Remote shutter-Allbest build
« Reply #3 on: 31 / May / 2008, 06:24:10 »
Thank you, both.  I wondered if there might be a script for this action but wasn't sure which one.  Thanks for the link.  Can't wait to get it going.

Good day,


Re: USB Remote shutter-Allbest build
« Reply #4 on: 01 / June / 2008, 20:59:08 »
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