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practical use in camera

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practical use in camera
« on: 20 / September / 2008, 12:19:59 »
I have an S5 camera, and have successfully loaded CHDK. My question is "how do I now use my camera to use both Canon installed camera features and the CHDK features interchangeably?"

I set CHDK to auto the load, and when I start my camera in the normal picture taking mode, I can use it normally. When I press set and alt, "alt" shows on the bottom of the screen and a default script notice scrolls up in the lower left corner. The scroll starts and stops when I press the shutter. I can't take any kind of picture when "alt" is active. What am I doing wrong?


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Re: practical use in camera
« Reply #1 on: 20 / September / 2008, 13:26:20 »
Think of the ALT button just as the computer's ALT or SHIFT buttons. It gives a new meaning to the rest of the buttons.

For example, when ALT button is pressed, the shutter button no longer takes a picture but activates a CHDK script. That's what you see scrolling on the screen, the dummy "default" script that does nothing.

As you set CHDK to auto load, all CHDK features are enabled at the moment you turn on the camera. At least the default ones (like battery indicator, etc). If you want to activate more options you need to enter the MENU by pressing (in the S5) the menu button.

Take a look at CHDK's manual:

CHDK/End-Users-Guide-AllBest50 - CHDK Wiki

Have fun!


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