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Forum Themes (And Site Themes In General)

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Forum Themes (And Site Themes In General)
« on: 02 / June / 2008, 21:37:59 »
Hmm...all the posts I found for site themes were archives :( So....I suppose it's alright to start a new topic about it (maybe :) worth a shot)

Soo...I just noticed for the forum theme (for the read/unread icons on the front page you can use the cam. aperture symbol):
and for unread a closed one :) waddaya think? could probably autocad something like that up when I have extra time in Tech Dwg class...

made quick one based on design. Inverter C in the middle cuz CHDK is so retro :P

edit: now more chdk-ish looking :) added zip of autocad files. i think it looks alright :) (for a small thumbnail anyway). suggestions?
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