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A520 & CHDK

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A520 & CHDK
« on: 02 / June / 2008, 22:03:57 »
A buddy of mine can get a good deal on an A520 but it is not listed as a CHDK supported camera in the FAQ.  Does this mean absolutely that it won't work with the CHDK scripts?




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Re: A520 & CHDK
« Reply #1 on: 02 / June / 2008, 23:22:50 »
A camera must be listed as ported to CHDK for it to work... There is no other CHDK version that can be downloaded on a different model/firmware version camera and have it work (there are a couple camera models that have the same firmware listed with different version ID's--so the same version of CHDK works on both).

Also, it appears that the A520 may be a Digic I camera--that will never be supported by CHDK as it uses yet another operating system (DOS?)... Only Digic II and III are currently supported.

Of course, anything is possible--but that will probably not happen under the "CHDK" umbrella.



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