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Semi auto in continuous mode

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Semi auto in continuous mode
« on: 13 / December / 2007, 14:12:10 »
When you take a picture in single shot mode, the camera calibrates aperture, shutter speed, focus etc for every shot.
when you take a picture in continuous mode, the camera calibrates for the first shot and then locks everything including shutter speed for all the next shots. if you're moving the camera and the luminosity changes, the picture may not be exposed correctly.
it would be nice in contiunous to have the camera lock everything but for example adjust the exposure thru shutter speed so that you'd get a high frequency in shots but also correctly exposed images.

maybe even have a working continuous Av or continuous Tv etc
and maybe even a customisable continuous auto mode settings:
shutter speed: auto/manual
aperture: auto/manual
focus: auto/manual


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