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Film-like color in Canon P&S

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Re: Film-like color in Canon P&S
« Reply #10 on: 02 / June / 2008, 00:30:51 »
nice mix ;)
did you try to set white balance manually?
did you try to use neutral mode?

I didn't try the neutral mode. (This mode only lowers the contrast, saturation, sharpness as opposed to vivid, AFAIK)
I've used MyColors settings saturation=+2,contrast=-2,sharpness=0 Also I've used AWB.
But later I tried all the preset WB's to get a good color of the tree using RAW develop function, and the result was more or less same as AWB. Also I've tried to tweak WB in RawTherapee but I could not keep the sky blue if I wanted to render the tree as warm yellow. (The sky becomes too purple then!) Probably I'm not very good at postprocessing?

the others look perfect because i used preset WB...
btw... a650 and a720 got similar colors (saw on flickr)

Can you post some example/link please, with EXIF? I'm very much eager to capture the trees in warm colors,of course not sacrificing the blue sky. :)

Edit: The channel mixer method has many drawbacks, so it should not be adopted in general.
I've found an S3IS owner who experienced similar type of problems, but he got natural foliage colors by setting the red channel saturation = +2 & green channel saturation = -2, an option which is not available in A720. :( , but may be done in photoshop :)
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Re: Film-like color in Canon P&S
« Reply #11 on: 02 / June / 2008, 16:57:09 »
Every camera shifts colors a bit, whether purposely or accidentally. Here's A720.


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Re: Film-like color in Canon P&S
« Reply #12 on: 02 / June / 2008, 18:00:39 »
btw.. i like the colours of a650 the way they are... they are pretty realistic.. that's the most important to me...
film effect can be made on pc
saturation +2??? isn't it too much? i always set saturation normal or below normal...
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