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Smart IS mode

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Smart IS mode
« on: 04 / June / 2008, 03:24:55 »
Canon Image Stabilizer has different modes. The shoot only mode is more effective than the continuous mode, but the continuous mode can help us compose images and focus on the subject. I suggest we make a Smart IS mode: when the DC is at wide angle, where we don't really need IS to help compose images, IS is switched to shoot only mode. When the DC is at tele angle, IS is switched to continuous mode. Thus, we can have the best of the two world.


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Re: Smart IS mode
« Reply #1 on: 04 / June / 2008, 05:32:00 »
I can start/stop it in my custom CHDK menu already and we can read the current zoom setting, so this should be possible :) I'll see if I can actually implement it like this and commit that sometime, so it can go into the trunk later.

Oh, I'm not sure if it stays at shoot-only mode but I guess the firmware uses the same turn on / off commands for that.

Re: Smart IS mode
« Reply #2 on: 04 / June / 2008, 14:58:17 »
Thanks for your effort to make CHDK more powerful.


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