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SD30 dump not working...

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SD30 dump not working...
« on: 05 / June / 2008, 12:48:16 »
Before I got my SD1000 I used an SD30. I noticed in the "news" that on 4/21 someone made a dump for the SD30. I downloaded it, unzipped, and there was only one file (and a readme). The filename is "firmware dump canon IXUS i zoom.dum"

Do I have to do anything to this to get the two requisite files needed? I read the only comment on the download page, and it was someone offering to loan his SD30 to a developer.

Who should I contact re this dump, and how to get it working. I do have the correct firmware version of 1.00G.

Thx for everything.

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Re: SD30 dump not working...
« Reply #1 on: 05 / June / 2008, 12:56:26 »
Sorry if I missunderstood you, but it seems to me that you mixed up CHDK(-frimware-extenstion if you want)
and firware(-dump) which is canons original firmware and should contain exactly the same as the flash-rom in your camera.
In other words: It will not run any CHDK.

Re: SD30 dump not working...
« Reply #2 on: 05 / June / 2008, 13:04:06 »

You've confused a few things. A "dump" is just that, a byte-for-byte download of the original Canon firmware.

If you have an SD30, you already have the firmware on board and the "dump" is of no use to you whatsoever -unless you want to disassemble it to find the routines to begin the port to CHDK.

After porting, and compiling, etc., the "two requisite files" you refer to, DISKBOOT.BIN & PS.FIR, are created and those are what load CHDK onto the camera.


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Re: SD30 dump not working...
« Reply #3 on: 05 / June / 2008, 13:13:03 »
Yes, I was very confused. I am a geek at heart, but not a programmer. So I won't be tackling the porting anytime soon. But I would help in any way possible for testing, since I am a beta tester with several NDAs under my hood.


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