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video out and viewport size

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video out and viewport size
« on: 05 / June / 2008, 18:13:45 »

When I connect my A720is to a TV using video out, the viewport height increases from 240 to 480.  The width remains the same and the screen (i.e. graphics overlay) height and width remains the same,but someone who understands the screen should check this.

I have found that physw_status[1] equals 0xmde09cc0 when not connected and 0xmda08080 when connected.  Here I use "m" to indicate a digit that switches between f and d over a short time period.  I am no developer, but would suggest that the following change be made in lib.c for the 720.

Code: [Select]
long vid_get_viewport_height()
   if((physw_status[1] & 0xff) == 0x80) return 480;
   return 240;


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