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dslr dedicated flash adapted to s3is usb port?

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dslr dedicated flash adapted to s3is usb port?
« on: 06 / June / 2008, 20:02:05 »
dslr dedicated flash adapted to s3is usb port?
Might there be an after market cannon dedicated flash that can be hooked up to comunicate through the usb port?
might it be posible that the usb can provide the flash with the camera settings, and set off the flash, or at least
provide the settings so the flash will be automatic and set itself, and then have the flash set off with a digital specific
slave adaptor? There are slave adapters that can use a generic manual flash with this cam, but i was hoping that there
might be an automatic flash that is dedicated to other digic II cannons with hotshoes that could be hacked to work
through the s3is usb port. Hopefully they can be made to comunicate with each other like the dslr cameras do. Whether
it is through a jack on the flash, to the usb port, as some flashes have sync jacks,(it is my impression that some camera
flash combos use an exterior cable to link the camera to the flash even though the flash is mounted to the hotshoe on top
of the camera) or might one be able to get a 'dead' hotshoe alone, those used for mounting strobes, and figure out which
prongs on the base of the flash it's self comunicates which way with the camera, and solder the necessary wires to the
corosponding spots on the dead hot shoe, and splice that into the usb? I might be willing to find a used flash, if deamed
a suitable unit, and offer it to whome ever might be able to hack it. I would prefer it be a current and affordable flash, so
others in this delima could take advantage. No point in hacking something that will not be readily available to others. Also
given usb daisy chains, can this be done and still be able to use the remote trigger? (ok, i'm really pushing it, but just
curious in general in regards to staking hacks on the usb port) Also, can any of the battery powered cable remotes out
there on ebay be modified to fit the cannon? Same for the wireless remotes? Is there a known grouping of parts available to make a remote 'out of package' with minimal fiddling with wires and soldering and such? Some folks are intimidated by such. Moi, for example. :-)
BTW, I passed on the s5is due to the higher resolution, and smeary noise reduction. I wanted the s3is, but there being no
hot shoe is the only regret


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Re: dslr dedicated flash adapted to s3is usb port?
« Reply #1 on: 07 / June / 2008, 02:05:49 »
We had this request already.
It is not possible. We cannot control usb output,and even if,it would only be the 'logic part' meaning that there will never be enough voltage/current to fire the flash.also timing would be very difficult. You have to use the built in flash as the 'ignitor' for your slave flash.


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Re: dslr dedicated flash adapted to s3is usb port?
« Reply #2 on: 18 / June / 2008, 16:26:17 »
i'm using an old automatic analog flash modded for slave funtion, and full manual mode


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