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HF10 & HV30 (Digic DV II) decrypted!

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Re: HF10 & HV30 (Digic DV II) decrypted!
« Reply #210 on: 28 / February / 2013, 08:09:19 »
Get it before anyone else does. Service manual is here (free!):


Proves the JTAG is in there. Unfortunately its the not connected spot. You can at least solder wires to it directly or make your own connector. Pinouts for JTAG and schematics are in there as well. As well as "service mode".

Would you please send me the Service manual ?

E-mail: 392240093@qq.com

Thank you very much!

Re: HF10 & HV30 (Digic DV II) decrypted!
« Reply #211 on: 29 / June / 2013, 06:04:08 »
It's possible to upgrade the CANON HF100 firmware using the latest HF11 firmware (needs hacking).

Using the latest SD-card (class 6) and HF100 (with hacked HF11 firmware) it's possible to get the highest video bitrate (better quality) and additional features.

In practise this means that it's possible to get all the latest features of HF11 on a much cheaper HF100.
It would be great since the latest HF11 ( & HF100 ( firmwares enables support for class-10 cards...

Changelog (identical for both, another evidence that HF100 could be replaceable):
Fixes have been made so that these models are now able to record, play back, and copy movies in FXP mode with SD or SDHC memory cards that have an SD Speed Class of Class 10. Due to the camera system, the characters "Class 10" cannot be displayed on the card information screen in playback mode, but they can be displayed in camera mode.

Re: HF10 & HV30 (Digic DV II) decrypted!
« Reply #212 on: 07 / December / 2014, 12:17:49 »
Hey guys,

I recently got nostalgic and updated my universal decrypter to support firmware updates of all models released up until now :)

You can find it in this GitHub repo:


Re: HF10 & HV30 (Digic DV II) decrypted!
« Reply #213 on: 05 / January / 2017, 07:00:45 »
Trying to resurrect an old thread. Did anyone ever try the PAL/NTSC switch on the HV40? Thinking of using the HV40 with my Ninja Star recorder.
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