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At last I taste the CHDK :)

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At last I taste the CHDK :)
« on: 26 / January / 2010, 05:18:30 »
I know CHDK for a long time but I broke my A95 and my sister's SD880 wasn't supported back then.
This week I realized that SD880 was being supported and yesterday I spend whole day with it.

I was hoping to get a manual mode and raw support.
I realized that this is just a apertureless dumb compact and having just 3 steps of ND filter for aperture really sucks.
Pushing to far maybe but I wanted to shoot some external strobe shots and this isn't the right compact for it.

Raw part was a bit hard. I was expecting an easy to use raw file  :D
Tried .CRW, .CR2 but nothing was able to open it so I dived into forum and made lot's of reading.
Final conclusion was .DNG is the path to follow so swithced back to it.
Then some more time passed to acees the files as they weren't in card!
Some more reading in the forums made me use external card reader and there they are :)
I really love my 5D's raw files but Sd880's DNG result was just not for my taste.
I processed it in PS (curves, USM, saturation) and got a nice looking result.

Today I will use other fancy options and will prepare a Turkish article on my site but for now my thought is 'this is not suitable for the regular joe :)'

I'm not interested in the compact part but I want to dive into development for 5D as I want to activate AF confirmation signals with MF lenses.

Here are my results my CHDK DNG (look full size ones):
Camera JPG: Canon Powershot SD880 IS with Canon Hack Development Kit : JPG
processed DNG: Canon Powershot SD880 IS with Canon Hack Development Kit : DNG
Compare: Canon Powershot SD880 IS with Canon Hack Development Kit (DNG+JPG)

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