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Object Detection / AiAF?

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Object Detection / AiAF?
« on: 11 / June / 2008, 06:40:26 »
Hi folks,

I wonder if it is possible to program some kind of "object detection" (or "AiAF", to speak in Canon's vocabulary http://www.canon-europe.com/For_Home/Product_Finder/Cameras/Digital_Camera/IXUS/Features/AiAF/index.asp) with CHDK? Although it is not 100% reliable, I like that feature on my old A95 very much. Especially, when I have to ask a stranger/newbie to take a picture of myself :-) Yes, I know, FlexiZone, face detection, AF-lock, etc... BUT sometimes neither the object is a face, nor you have the time to use Flexizone, nor is AF-lock an appropriate solution. So I don't need any hints how to manage the situation without such a feature, but just an estimation from the developers whether or not this feature can be implemented, if so, how complex this would be and whether someone is interested to try and implement it. I'm not a developer, but a first primitive approach could be to focus on the object which is nearest to the lens within the viewport, maybe with some kind of minimum distance limit. What do you think?




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Re: Object Detection / AiAF?
« Reply #1 on: 12 / June / 2008, 08:48:44 »
the first problem is that autofocus subroutine was never touched (or maybe it was't found yet)
the method that you decribed here, makes many problems, it's useless in many situations... it focuses too close every time...
probably when it scans the whole focus range, makes some statistical data about the nearest, most sharp, highest count of sharp af regions, to choose the most sharp focal length.It's a bit complicated. but the face detection algorthm is even more complicated...
so it hink much better than AiAF can't make anyobody with contrast detect methods(maybe if it would be vertical too, focus dosen't work many time if you try to focus on horizontal lines...)


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