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Build 50: Hyperfocal/Infinity focus problem

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Build 50: Hyperfocal/Infinity focus problem
« on: 13 / June / 2008, 07:55:09 »
(build 50 A710 IS)


One of the incredibly useful features I've found is the ability to switch to Hyperfocal/Infinty focus. This is done my switching to manual focus, ALT and wither the up or down key then ALT again to start shooting.

I'm having a problem with the feature though that even when I switch back to AF it stays in Hyperfocal or Infinity. To get out of it I need to go back into ALT in manual focus mode and choose one of the side keys. Am I missing something?

A couple of other things that I would love to see with this mode. When you zoom in or out in manual focus it goes back to regular non hyperfocal manual focus, I wish it would retain the hyperfocal/infinfity setting even as I zoom. Otherwise I'm tied to just one focal length.

Another problem (though I understand why canon did it) is that if you turn off the display in manual focus it immediately reverts back to auto focus. With the addition of hyperfocal focusing I no longer specifically need the display, having it on drains power and lengthens the shutter lag, I'm quite happy using the viewfinder especially as the cutomizable Auto ISO means that I know I'm never in trouble re shutter speed, ISO, etc.

Seriously, if I could use Hyperfocal without the display and with the ability to zoom I would be one very very happy man!
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