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SD1000 question

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Re: SD1000 question
« Reply #20 on: 13 / June / 2008, 23:38:46 »
Weird, I can't set the Override Shutter Speed Value to 2, only toggle between Off and 1.

Anyways, you must be doing something wrong. Remember that the override speed you chose in the manu have to appear at the left upper corner of the screen when you are ready to shoot.

It looks like your camera can get at leas 1/10,000. Acording to this:
High Speed Waterdrop Pics

Edit: Incidentally, the same guy is showing more fast shutter experiments right now, I hope he is still using the SD1000
Ever wonder what a lighter spark looks like frozen in time?

Remember to keep the aperture as close as posible to get faster speeds.
sorry i moved my original water drop pics. here they are for reference to people:

I only own a canon powershot sd1000 and i used it for those pictures. i set the mode to Manual, used the left arrow key to toggle it into macro mode and set the flash to on. I then used chdk to set the override to 1/100k (to obtain the fastest possible speed the camera could do) and shot the pics at different angles until i didnt get a blown out picture. It took some trying but i got some. Also this was with no zoom. imo the zoom on the sd1000 its garbage and produces blurry useless pictures (or atleast on mine that is).

As for the lighter spark pictures you mentioned, yes i was still using a sd1000 for those. For the trailing spark ones i set it in digital macro mode and in a pitch black room just repeatidly tried to capture the picture using 1 second exposures (to get the trails). I used the MDLightning6 motion detection script to aid in a continuous auto focus bracketing sorta so i could just keep sparking and hope i got some pictures.

For the ones that captured the defined sparks without streaking i used the same setup as the water drop pics, again using the motion detection script to aid in taking the pictures faster and easier. It took many trials to get what i had but its so cool when you finally pull it off :-)

As for the max shutter speed, my maker data says some wack numbers for the shutter speed when i have it set at 1/100k, i only said the max was 1/10k because thats what the features page on the wiki said for the sd1000. I'm not sure how they confirmed it but im just going by that. In escense theres no way to tell the shutter speed by the exif as its not accurate with the override. I am just going by / assuming that the max is 1/10k, as stated on the wiki.

To the OP:
Just keep trying different angles and distances from the water drops. Try my setup with it in manual mode set to macro and flash on and 1/100k. Just keep trying, you're not going to get it in 1 try. My lighter pics had about 70 pictures and i only got about 8-10 good ones. Its all trial and error, just keep trying and you'll get some sick shots :-)

If anyone needs any more help just pm me im more than willing to help :-)
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