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What would you like to know about CHDK as a newbe if you obtain an interview?...

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Yes, I have extra lenses. But I actually bought them for my video camera. :)
The photography itself is just a hobby. But I do not spend much time on it (at least in comparison to programming). So, as I said before - it's just the fun of coding. Of course I use CHDK in my cameras because it helps in shooting and add some possibilities which are unavailable without it.
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Quote from: e2b
1. How do you pass on skills and knowledge to the next generation of developers?

They get it by themselves by reading and posting in the forum and by reading the source. It's not necessary to bait developers. Those who find the project interesting will join by own motivation.

   We are very lucky that most new camera releases seem to have found developers interested in porting CHDK, but Canon will keep producing new models and every developer will eventually find other more urgent things to do than port CHDK to a yet another camera!

It's already the case that a developer can give only slight support to porting a camera he doesn't own. So each new model requires someone who is (more-or-less) skilled in programming.

2. Where do you think CHDK development will stop - or at what point will developers lose interest in CHDK and move on to other challenges?

This doesn't matter for CHDK as a project. Even if every person who's working on it right now would walk away and start a life without technology, new people would find the project and continue to work on it. It would only slow down and eventually stop if no more devices that execute foreign program code are built.

In future, I suppose it would be possible to duplicate everything in the official Canon SDK, but that would displease Canon and the commercial developers who make money out of software.

I read only few things about the canon SDK (mainly that my model is not supported :D) and I really wonder if there is someone who writes commercial software for digital cameras. I can imagine situations where the canon SDK would be used, like very specific appliances as part of a larger project. Even though those might be done using CHDK, the project management wants to have someone to blame if it doesn't work (which doesn't change the fact of the failure, but that's manager-thinking, I guess :D). So there's no competition between CHDK and the official SDK.



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jeff666, you have answered my questions very well. Thank you.

Regarding commercial software using Canon SDK, I believe that Breeze System's PS Remote and DSLR Remote are based on the Canon SDK. The picture currently heading the http://www.breezesys.com/ site shows that in some applications the cost of software is hardly a concern (but, as you say, they would want someone they could sue if anything didn't work)!

It seems to me that one could duplicate most of what PR Remote does through CHDK. The main difference appears to be that the camera's live view is on the PC, and all the camera's controls are run through the PC keyboard, or scripts.

Barney, I didn't get to put anything on the Wiki - mundane activities had higher priority last weekend.

one version of CHDK has features assist in taking stereo photographs, and even allows two cameras to be synchronized to take pictures at the same time (with an accuracy of around 0.1 milliseconds

Or even 0.05 msec (with A630)  :)

That is 1/20,000 sec !



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how do you dev guys got to learn to code? i mean, was it out of boredom, or in school, in job, studying, sportsmanship (cracking anyone!?)? i especially would like to know how ewavr got his excellent skills at asm. maybe he can even tell what's his "real life" job right now? you dont have to be precise you know ;) i'm really curious, that's all.


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