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Allbest51 vs Changeset 416: please help

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Allbest51 vs Changeset 416: please help
« on: 14 / June / 2008, 04:33:09 »
Hi all
Could you help me to understand the difference between the Changeset 41x series  and the allbest 5x?
I realized about these two releases looking for new changements along the timeline of the first(Timeline - chdk - Trac) but it (the first) seems to refer to something different from allbest series.

Could you teel me about the relation between them and how I can find allbest timeline changements?

Is Changeset 41x a superset of allbest functions?. Is allbest chdk a more stable version?

Considering the table in the chdk comparision page (Firmware Comparisons - CHDK Wiki) which column corresponds to the changeset series?

thanks in advance
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Re: Allbest51 vs Changeset 416: please help
« Reply #1 on: 14 / June / 2008, 05:00:45 »
AllBest# are a subset of ChangeSet#, they are the true stable released versions.
ChangeSet# or r# are incremented every time someone changes something on the SVN, and you can compile them to get an *experimental* build, and sometimes the current ChangeSet gives a new AllBest# released to the public.


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