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SD550 porting (IXUS750/IXY700) (need help with simple stuff)

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First of all, im a complete nab in this field. I dont know anything about C, ARM, assembler and other coding that may be needed. And because of that id like to take one step at a time, with your precious help  ;)

Wiki said that SD550 is like SD500, only with few software updates (i havent found any) and a larger screen (but resolution remained the same, i think). Also, keyboard has the same buttons and layout. I think and hope this camera is pretty much the same as SD500. I tryied SD500 chdk releases on my camera but with no success.

Right now ive aquired the firmware dump via udumper and stripped the zeroes at start and at the beginning (also the pile of FF-s).
Ive loaded the thing into IDA and applied the CHDK.idc script. Should i apply the remaining scripts too, or do i have to check some addresses or anything before that?

Im following the TX1 porting/tutorial but its not that easy  ::)

ookey, applied all the scripts. CHDK.idc from january and others from newest trunk.
ive copied the ixus700 /loader and /platform files and renamed ixus700_sd500 > ixus750_sd550

first thing would be to see whats in the boot.c?
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