bugfix: ixus70/sd1000 can't read ram address 0

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bugfix: ixus70/sd1000 can't read ram address 0
« on: 26 / June / 2008, 16:37:53 »
There is already an exception in dump_memory() for ixus65/sd630, but it is the same for sd1000 (that's why all addresses are shifted by 0x1900 in memory dumps...):

Code: (diff) [Select]
-#ifdef CAMERA_ixus65_sd630 // Zero is not readable on ixus65!
+#if defined(CAMERA_ixus65_sd630) || defined(CAMERA_ixus70_sd1000) // Zero is not readable!

It is probable that all ixus/sd cameras have this problem (at least), people who own such cameras should try to create a ram dump and check whether its size is exactly 32MB (33 554 432 bytes) or 6400 bytes are missing...


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