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Custom white balance tweaking?

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Custom white balance tweaking?
« on: 28 / June / 2008, 09:14:21 »
So I've been reading up on setting the white balance and it sounds like most people that are really going to something great are just going to shoot in RAW and adjust during post processing. What I'm curious about however is what one can do by using the custom setting and intensionally calibrating with a reference that's off vs. something neutral like the Pringles lid.

In other words... what would happen if I set the white balance using a paint sample card from the hardware store thats bright green or red or blue or something in between? Does anyone know a site that discusses doing anything like this?

And why you ask?

Well specifically I'm thinking it might allow one to alter the tones present in the false color scheme we get with IR photography. Using a Hoya R72 equivalent filter produces lots of reddish hues. What if I could set the white balance somehow so I end up with blue or some other random color.

I know the Wratten 87c tends to produce blue hues because the cameras will overcompensate in the otherwise colorless picture, so it sounds reasonable that I could tweak the color tones in anything through the white balance. I just need some idea of how.

Re: Custom white balance tweaking?
« Reply #1 on: 15 / October / 2009, 02:05:28 »
I can't really answer to your question...I have questions too with custom white balance.

Is it possible to save a white balance setting in a file or something else?
Sometimes it's difficult to get the good white balance, so, it could be great to save it and not loose a lot of time. Because i do timelapses, post working is to huge...

sorry if there's response somewhere, i don't find it


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