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Card Tricks for Macintosh?

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Card Tricks for Macintosh?
« on: 01 / July / 2008, 00:43:46 »
Hi Everyone,

I'm trying to get CHDK on my SD450 (1.00b) using a Macintosh with a SanDisk card reader. I've downloaded the corresponding allbest version of CHDK. I unzipped it with Stuffit Expander. I couldn't find any equivalent to Card Tricks for Macintosh so I just copied the files over directly to the card. Locked it. Put it in camera, turned it on but camera just tells me that the card is locked. What am I missing here. I didn't have Card Tricks so is there some other way to make the card autoload? Thanks!


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Re: Card Tricks for Macintosh?
« Reply #1 on: 01 / July / 2008, 03:57:14 »
Hello & welcome oldie1kslowbie !

It's ok when you put the 2 files DISKBOOT.BIN and PS.FIR on the root of your card.

Now you can use the Canon menu and start CHDK with the "Firmware Update" function.  ( FAQ: How_do_I_manually_load_CHDK_so_I_can_use_it)

If you want to have CHDL loaded every time you start your camera you'll have to make the card bootable, then everytime the camera starts from the locked card CHDK is loaded, with unlocked card your camera starts "normal" without CHDK. (FAQ: How_can_I_make_the_CHDK_program_load_automatically_at_startup).

For your Mac you can see the instructions in the wikia: Bootable_SD_card -> Mac...


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