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Save as PNG

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Save as PNG
« on: 08 / July / 2008, 20:39:34 »

I'm not exactly sure it its such a good idea afterall, but i'd like to have the option to save images as PNG instead of RAW or JPG. RAW is a great and useful feature, but is a little too time consuming to process..
An alternative would be using a lossless image format, such as PNG.
I for instance got the distinct feeling that even on canons "Super fine" setting, the JPG artifacts and loss of details is noticeable, at least in small detail-rich areas. Using PNG (Or another lossless open source image format?) could prevent that, i suppose, and therefore provide "ready-to-use" images with full details.

Do you think that could be useful?

Re: Save as PNG
« Reply #1 on: 09 / July / 2008, 00:02:00 »
PNG does not store EXIF, and can't be processed by many noise reduction softwares.


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Re: Save as PNG
« Reply #2 on: 09 / July / 2008, 07:15:04 »
Well, for that matter, CRW doesn't store EXIF either, and can't be processed by much of anything that isn't dcraw... ;)

But anyway I guess the problem here is the same as with compressed DNG - i.e. compression - except PNG compression is probably harder.


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